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Scholarship Resources

Grant Resources

  • Carefirst Grants Offered to nonprofits all over Maryland:
    Maternal and Child Care Grants due September 15; Health-related Program Grants due October 12 - for more information go to:
  • Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant Program: application open through Oct. 31. *minimum of $5K grants for nonprofits, schools, government entities. Details
  • Governor’s Grant Office:
  • Maryland Small Grants Program: Nonprofits in Southern Maryland are eligible to apply Details
    Rachel Duden
    Program Associate, US Education and MSGP
    7 Park Center Court Owings Mills, MD 21117
    Phone: 410-654-8500 Ext. 229
    Direct: 443-738-1180
    Fax: 410-654-3943
    The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.

CFSOMD Grant Materials

2017 CFSOMD Grant Opportunities:

  • Alice W. Bowen Memorial Scholarship details
  • The Opportunity Fund Grant Program details
  • Deb Sheftz Scholarship Fund details

2017 Alice W. Bowen Memorial Scholarship

The Alice W. Bowen Memorial Scholarship is an annual scholarship of up to $5,000 to a Calvert County Public School graduating senior who completed the Academy of Health Professions program at the Career and Technology Academy and intends to pursue post secondary education in the area of health professions.  

For more information, view the scholarship criteria and guidelines.


  • February: Application and guidelines are announced and given to students
  • April 7: Applications from students due by 3 pm
  • May 15: Award announced to student

The Opportunity Fund Grant Program

This grant provides resources to address health and wellness needs of Charles County residents. Monetary grants of up to $5,000 are available to 501 (c) (3) organizations, religious charities, and government agencies that provide drug rehabilitation, emotional rehabilitation, domestic violence, and youth wellness services to Charles County residents.

For more information view the Guildelines and Application and CFSOMD Due Diligence Policy.


  • March 17, 2017: Applications due by 4 p.m. as electronic submission
  • May 2017: Grant awards announced
  • May 30, 2018: Final reports are due

2017 Deb Sheftz Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is established in the memory of Deb Sheftz who first taught history at Southern Middle School and then at Patuxent High School. Deb died on December 6, 2014, way too early, from complications of a brain aneurysm. Although Deb came to teaching in a non-traditional way, after first fighting to be the first female machine mechanic in a factory in Pennsylvania, going to a public interest law school, and then practicing law and defending persons accused of crimes, she found her passion in teaching. At Patuxent High Deb taught government, criminal law, and AP world history. She loved teaching world history because she believed that if one knew and understood the past and the long term effects those earlier events have on today, one could view the current issues that plagued the world community through that lens. She believed that only if one saw the present through the historical lens of the past could one hope to arrive at a workable solution to current problems. Deb also loved to travel the world and she brought her love of world cultures and history back to her classroom. She urged her students to challenge assumptions, not stand by silently when injustices occurred, to be open-hearted and open-minded to all, and to be culturally aware and tolerant. Above all, Deb believed each person had an obligation to be part of positive changes.

Deb Sheftz Memorial Scholarship Throughout her life Deb was committed to identifying and addressing issues of inequality and social injustice rather than ignoring them. This was a commitment she imparted to her students. She also recognized that the “playing field” was not equal and that everyone had a moral obligation to right the wrongs of the past; whether the past was many years ago, a few days ago, or a mere minute ago. Deb looked for the best in all, whether it was her students, friends, or strangers and urged and encouraged everyone she met to strive to be their best-selves. She often did this with humor and empathy. She understood that many people had obstacles that stood in their way to becoming their best-selves, whether caused by outside forces or self-doubt, and she sought to nurture and help in any way she could. Her heart grieved when she witnessed a student who had such potential and who wanted to further his/her education but because of circumstances could not go to college. Therefore, this scholarship was created to help a Patuxent High School student, who wants to an instrument of positive change and fight against injustice, to attend college and be a positive influence on the world.

The scholarship is for a single year per student and will be awarded annually in the amount of $2500. The scholarship will be awarded the end of May of each year and will be paid to the educational institution for first year college expenses.

For more information, view the scholarship Description, Guidelines & Criteria, and Application


  • First week of January: Application and guidelines are announced and given to students
  • First Monday of April: Applications from students due and should be turned into the guidance office.
  • Senior Awards Ceremony: Award announced to student
Deb Sheftz Memorial Scholarship