Waldorf, MD, September 3, 2008 – The Community Foundation of Charles County, along with the Charles County Commissioners and the United Way of Charles County, announced Wednesday that the Priority Needs Assessment for Charles County is now complete.

The report represents a collaborative effort to look at the community’s most pressing needs in the areas of Arts and Culture, Education and Scholarships, Environment, General Community Improvements – housing, recreation, transportation — Health and Wellness, and Youth Initiatives. It also includes findings about the challenges and opportunities facing Charles County today. It represents the first step in addressing these needs through a collaborative partnership of three key community organizations.

The focus of this report is to identify the priority community needs as they exist today, understanding fully that these needs will continuously change in the months and years ahead. While meeting these needs in whole or in part will improve the quality of life in Charles County, the list is by no means exhaustive nor is the process complete. The involvement of the community can prove to be the most effective elements in improving the quality of life for everyone.

“We anticipate this study to be used by policy makers, funders, government entities, educational institutions, healthcare organization and more,” states Gretchen Heinze Hardman, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Charles County. “It is a very important first step in the Community Foundation’s mission of making Charles County the best place to live and give.”

Copies of the Priority Needs Assessment for Charles County can be obtained by contacting the Community Foundation’s office at (301) 885-0108.

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