In efforts to coincide with Charles County’s 350th anniversary and to honor those pioneers who have worked a lifetime to lay the foundation we stand on today, the Community Foundation “unveiled” the Philanthropy Hall of Fame in 2008 at the 3rd Annual Philanthropy Day Luncheon. The Hall of Fame is made up of individuals and organizations who were nominated by the public for their lifetime of giving to make Southern Maryland the best place to live.

American Community Properties Trust (ACPT)/ Edwin Kelly American Community Properties Trust (ACPT) – Under the leadership of Edwin Kelly, ACPT has become one of the most respected and admired companies in Charles County. They not only commit money to charitable causes, they volunteer and serve as leaders with distinction.

Bobbie and Carl BaldusBobbie and Carl Baldus (✞) – For their lifetime of giving for the greater good of their children, their friends, their church, their work and their community. For those who know them, know they stay true to this motto: Treat others the way you would like to be treated and you will never fail.”

P.D. BrownP.D. Brown (✞) – For his lifetime of service in Charles County. His work established electricity to farmers in Charles County; he was the force in bringing public libraries to Charles County; he was a founding member of the Charles County Fair Board; and it was through his leadership to develop a building committee to construct the first hospital in Charles County.

Chaney Family/Chaney Enterprises/Chaney FoundationChaney Family/Chaney Enterprises/Chaney Foundation – For the last 40 years the Chaney Enterprise has been dedicated to serving the people of Charles County. From delivering concrete to awarding scholarships, the Chaneys’ best interest lies in the heart of the Charles County community. In addition, they have raised nearly $2M for the American Cancer Society.Chaney Family/Chaney Enterprises/Chaney Foundation

Community Bank of Tri-CountyCommunity Bank of Tri-County, today known as Community Bank of the Chesapeake – For over 50 years the Middletons’ have not only provided banking services to this community with a smile, but have strengthened it through their contributions of money, time and extraordinary effort.

Paul FacchinaFacchina Group of Companies, LLC – For their substantial contributions to Charles County especially in the aftermath of the 2002 tornado; it was their commitment and dedication to Charles County, that businesses were saved.

Greater Waldorf Jaycees
– For their great commitment to Charles County. They have been recognized multiple times as the #1 Jaycees in the United States. “World Famous”Greater Waldorf Jaycees

Verna PoseyVerna Posey (✞) – For her lifetime of service to the College of Southern Maryland and her many contributions to charitable organizations.

Captain Billy RobertsonCaptain Billy Robertson (✞) – For his contributions and his southern hospitality. His legacy lives through his generosity and he has led others to do the same. In 1999 after being diagnosed with Cancer, he held a two day golf tournament with over 400 golfers and raised over $150,000 for the American Cancer Society.

(✞ deceased)